Genderhood is Empowering the Future Professionals

Genderhood is a non-profit civil law company with expertise on non-formal education programs regarding gender equality, power roles, human rights and prevention of gender-based violence.

The educational content follows a non-formal approach based on arts and games. Genderhood is addressed to students, parents, teachers and all adults who aspire a world of equality and social change.

Genderhood through applying firm practices and forming collaborations aims at supporting important social actions and initiatives, promoting good practices and empowering the children of today who will become the professionals of the future. The bond between a company/organization to children and their families through the educational process forms a relationship that can be very strong and long-lasting.

Kids < > work-in-progress is addressed to organizations/companies who actively work towards incorporating gender perspectives in their everyday practices:  women in higher positions, accessibility to traditionally “male-dominated” work environments, closing the pay gap between women and men.  Those are some of the ways to promote gender equality. Another way -just as powerful- would be empowering today’s children so as to become future professionals given equal opportunities. With this in mind, we’ve created workshops serving this purpose. Details regarding our proposals can be found, here.



What are the benefits for the companies?

  • They contribute to free access tο egalitarian quality education for the children. Τhus, they create opportunities and setting conditions for a better future.
  • They foster the principle of no discrimination and of equal opportunities for all children and youths independently of sex, race or any other discernible aspects of their identity.
  • They introduce company products/services to the family aiming  at a closer relationship between family  members and the parent’s work environment.
  • They enhance existing social impact events as part of Corporate Social Responsibility


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