Diversity 2.0 Trainings

Generation 2.0 for Rights Equality & Diversity launched in March 2019, with the support of the International Rescue Committee, an educational program on Diversity, addressed to organisations and companies.

The program with the title “Managing Diversity in the Workplace” is based on the “Diversity 2.0 – An Employers’ Guide“, printed in February 2019 with the support of the European Network Against Racism. In total, the first phase, with the organisation of free-of-charge trainings, was completed end of March, with 15 companies and organisations as participants .

Using as tools the active participation, information provision and open debate, this training program aims to inform employers as well as the whole personnel at a company or organisation on issues related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, promoting at the same time, the personal development of the participants and collectively a better performance for the organisation.

More specifically, the training touches on issues such as immigration terminology and legal regimes, behaviors, habits and practices of other cultures and religions, diversity management and good practices in the workplace. Reflecting on the multiple identities we adopt in a day, depending on the context around us, it makes us realize, even for a moment, through play and change of view, that ultimately the issue of managing Diversity can be at the same time a deterrent against violence, intimidation and biased attitudes, especially within the workplace, at various levels of hierarchy and among colleagues.

To arrange your Diversity Training for your company/organisation, please contact Natani Petros via email at diverseworkplace@g2red.org or call at 213 088 4495.



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