The Lamda (λάμδα) Project Embrace Culture

The Lamda (λάμδα) Project was founded in May 2018 in Athens, as an effort to spread the Modern Greek culture worldwide.

They offer modern Greek language classes, as well as the opportunity to choose between several different options related to Greek history and culture (Greek philosophy, ancient Greek, Greek mythology, Greek historical figures).

The Lamda (λάμδα) Project organises in their space, addressed to companies, organisations and individuals.

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Workshop on Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an important component to the maximum inclusion on the working place. As for the diversity, today, in the same space people co-exist who happen to have a range of backgrounds, of understandings, and of abilities. This means they constitute a great pool of talents and potential of best performance, which the proper leadership in the workplace should take advantage of, for the common interest of all the colleagues. This is the learning goal of the specific workshop organized by The λamda Project.


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World Café Training with ΑοΗ Αthina (Art of Hosting Athina) on Participatory Leadership