The official project launch of Diversity in the Workplace” in 2017 signified partnerships with companies and organisations which would not only support the initiative, but would, also, share with us the vision of an equal and accessible work environment. Aiming at equal access to the Greek labour market for people of different cultural backgrounds, Diversity in the Workplace was an integral part of the “Livelihoods for vulnerable populations in an Inclusive Labour Market”, implemented by Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity and supported by the International Rescue Committee until February 2020. Since March 2020 and until August 2021, the Diversity in the Workplace was part of the project “Equality Works” implemented under the Active citizens fund programme.

Today, more than 90 companies make up the Network, with 17 of them having already participated in the “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace” tranings, whereas a great number of companies has voluntarily participated in activities, aiming to the integration of people of migrant background in the labour market, such as Speeches on various sectors, Educational visits to workplaces etc . 

The inclusion of companies in the Network is currently marked by the signing of the Diversity Charter, which was created based on European standards and the law 4443/2016 on equal treatment. In the context of awareness raising, campaigns were carried out in 2017 and 2018, in order to communicate on a greater scale the importance of diversity in the labour market and in our daily lives.

Another milestone concerning the awareness raising and proper information provision towards temployers and their staff was the publication of the 1st Diversity 2.0-An Employers’ Guide, in 2019,with the support of the European Network Against Racism, as well as the creation and release of the first Greek Trademark advocating for equal inclusion.

Along the way, Diversity in the Workplace participated in and co-organised events to promote the equal employment of people with migrant background, such as the 1st Job Fair Connecting Refugees and Migrants with the Labor Market in Athens, the ACCMR Digital Job Fair in Tourism and Hospitality and the event +Ergasia.

Since end of 2021 Diversity in the Workplace plays a vital role in implementing the European co-funded project Worldplaces-Workplaces Working with Migrant Women”, whereas since January 2023 Generation 2.0 RED, through Diversity in the Workplace, has been participating in the European co-funded project PROGEDI (Promoting Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace).


Generation 2.0 RED is a nonprofit organisation consisted of an interdisciplinary team, representing a mix of ethnicities and social backgrounds, sharing the common vision that all of us have, namely, the right to equal and active citizenry at an individual and communal level. G2RED’s mission focuses on equal participation in a diverse society following a holistic approach with action and research, aiming to promote human rights, equality and diversity and fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

Our Supporters

Supporters of this action come both from the Civil Society and the Greek private sector. Without our supporters, Diversity in the Workplace would not have the same dynamic in significantly contributing to the changing process of workplace inclusion and, simultaneously, to promoting corporate sustainability.

Our Supporters are the true ambassadors of diversity, who can speak better than anyone else through their daily experience, as they either promote inclusion on a daily basis, or intend to promote and implement a set of good practices for an inclusive labor market in Greece.

We count on the changes we can accomplish together.