For Generation 2.0 RED, Diversity is both a concept and a reality, the results and benefits of which are constantly apparent.

In 2017, we initiated Diversity in the Workplace aiming at raising awareness on the significance and the benefits of inclusion by informing and training Greek companies accordingly. 

In a period that different is “colored” with negative shades and translated as unsafe or unwanted, the role of Diversity in the Workplace is to inform on the several benefits that each organisation gains when it embraces diversity, and to operate as a communication channel between the companies and the candidates with diverse backgrounds, ensuring respect and acceptance in the workplace.

Any system that embraces diversity in any way, sees the benefits arising and experiences its effects in every aspect of creation, expression, development, communication and interaction, both at work and on a personal and social level.

Generation 2.0 RED is a nonprofit organisation consisting of an interdisciplinary team, representing a mix of ethnicities and social backgrounds, sharing the common vision that all of us have the right to equal and active citizenry on an individual and communal level. G2RED mission focuses on equal participation in a diverse society following a holistic approach with action and research, aiming to promote human rights, equality and diversity and fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

Our Supporters

Supporters of this action come both from the Civil Society and the Greek private sector. Without our supporters, Diversity in the Workplace would not have the same dynamic in significantly contributing to the changing process of workplace inclusion and, simultaneously, to promoting corporate sustainability.

Our Supporters are the true ambassadors of diversity, who can speak better than anyone else through their daily experience, as they either promote inclusion on a daily basis, or intend to promote and implement a set of good practices for an inclusive labor market in Greece.

We count on the changes we can accomplish together.