For Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity, diversity is both a concept and a reality that does not need mediators, strong arguments, public support or advocacy, because its actual results and benefits are constantly apparent in a workplace, in a group, in a school class, in a society, in a country or on an international basis, where diversity is a value respected and a daily regularity.

However, we are experiencing a period when the meaning of “different” is increasingly colored with negative shades and translated as “unwanted”, “unsafe”, “dangerous”, even as “bad” or “wrong”.

Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity is a nonprofit organisation consisted of people with different origins who work together to promote equal participation in a diverse society, through the empowerment of communities.

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Without the deforming glasses of the time, the “different” is likely to be translated into “interesting”, “innovative”, “food for thought”, “inspirational”, “unexpected”, “creative” etc., as in any community, where “the different” is embraced, signs of this reality and its effects are pervasive in every aspect of creation, expression, development, communication and interaction.

Our Supporters

Supporters of this action, without which Diversity in the Workplace would not have the same power to change people’s lives, come from the Civil Society as well as companies and organisations in various sectors in Greece. They are either true ambassadors of diversity from their day-to-day experience and can speak better than anyone about it or they intend to spread the message of diversity for an inclusive labor market and apply the practice of diversity to their workplace in the near future.

We count on the changes we can together achieve.