A,B,C for D-iversity 2.0 at Work Trainings


In the context of the Diversity in the Workplace initiative, the implementation of training programmes on the topic of Diversity Management in work environments began back in 2019. To date, 17 companies and organisations have gone through the trainings, and more than 180 employees in various economy sectors have participated. Today, our educationalprogramme consists of 3 distinct trainings created to meet the constantly evolving needs of the private sector. Our trainings aim at an easier comprehension of concepts, essential for Diversity and Inclusion, as well as at the involvement of all employees through interaction based on experience, perspective change and discussion.

Based on different needs that have been identified, the 3 trainings have been developed to operate autonomously, even in the same company.

The 1st basic training entitled “A,B,C for D-iversity 2.0 at Work: The Beginners’ toolkit” concerns the introduction of employees to essential, “everyday” concepts that affect their approach to issues related to Diversity within the work environment and as well as it provides  step-by-step tools for the practical application of Inclusion at an individual level. 

The 2nd training is entitled “A,B,C for D-iversity 2.0 at Work: The Advanced toolkit”. This training is based on the exploration of employees’ self-consciousness and self-criticism regarding concepts that are deeply rooted in society and how they are reflected in social systems, such as the labour market. 

The 3rd training option for companies entitled “All about HR & Diversity at Work: Strictly for the Experts” specialises in the needs of the representatives -of all levels- of the Human Resources Management departments. The training is designed to provide all necessary information about legislation, best practices and procedures, as well as a step-by-step policy design related to Diversity and Inclusion at work. 

With tools such as the experiential learning, case studies, the active participation, information provision and open discussion, this bundle of training programmes aims to inform both employers and employees on issues related to the smooth inclusion in the workplace, by promoting, at the same time, the personal development of the participants and by enhancing collectivity, with the ultimate benefit of the organisation’s smooth operation and its long-term sustainability.

Large companies across Europe and in Greece embracing diversity in terms of race, colour, ethnic origin, genealogy, religion or other beliefs, disability or chronic disease, age, family or social status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, and appearance, saw their work environment becoming more flexible, more creative and more productive, elements that lay the foundations for a competitive private sector in our country.

To choose the training programme that suits your company the best, please contact Natani Petros via email at [email protected]  or call at 213 088 4495.


A few words about the history of the trainings:

The first training programme launched in 2019 with the title “Managing Diversity in the Workplace” was based on the “Diversity 2.0 – An Employers’ Guide“ that was printed in February 2019 with the support of the European Network Against Racism. The training focused on the inclusion of people of various cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs in a common work environment and on an efficient management in ways which benefit the employees and the company.



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