Worldplaces-Workplaces Working with Women


About “Worldplaces-Workplaces Working with Migrant Women” project

Since December 2021, the Diversity in the Workplace, with the co-funded project by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union “Worldplaces-Workplaces Working with Migrant Women” is now introducing workplace-based integration best practices supporting women of migrant background, with a Life and Community focus, along with other prominent European partners. 

Through this project -addressed to for-profit companies and non-profit organisations-, workplaces in Athens and beyond, are going to be provided, under the context of capacity building on inclusion policies design, with:

  • Access to a series of resources on gender-mainstreaming best practices
  • Inclusion design tools
  • HR diversity management trainings on how to build an equitable and inclusive environment by ensuring work-life balance.

Companies and organisations, by becoming Worldplaces members and benefiting by its broad capacity building spectrum, are, also, going to have the opportunity to participate in its dissemination in Greece and EU or act as ambassadors, promoting inclusion policies in the labour market.



Our members are:





You can also benefit from the project by joining the Worldplaces Network in Greece!

For further details please email [email protected] or call the Diversity Network Officer, Dimitra Steins at 213 088 4499.

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