The Initiative

The objective of Diversity in the Workplace is the equal inclusion of people of different cultural backgrounds in the Greek labour market, through awareness raising, counselling and training of companies on the various benefits that diversity brings to an environment.

In 2017, when this activity was officially launched, it was an integral part of the employability program “Facilitating access to work for Vulnerable Populations in Athens”, implemented with the support of the International Rescue Committee until February 2020. Today, it is part of the project Equality Works, implemented under the Active citizens fund program.

In direct collaboration with our supporters and the labour market, we develop present-day activities, aiming at informing and supporting holistically the private sector in Greece and the equal access to employment according to the European standards, which in the long run leads to corporate sustainability. Already, more than 90 companies and organisations in Greece actively support our activities by signing the Diversity Charter and joining the Diversity in the Workplace Network.

Upon entering the Network, you get informed and trained on those aspects of diversity related to race, colour, ethnic background and religious belief and on diversity management  in the workplace. Additionally, you can seek potential employees through the Career Counselling service of Generation 2.0 RED, with our support in Pre-selection.

Through the counselling and training, from which you may benefit as a member of the Network, may arise the need to reassess your recruitment process, to develop equal employment policies, as well as to redefine and re-edit the job adverts you publish, and to attempt new practices that will help you innovate and, ultimately, support an inclusive work environment in Greece.

Finally, with our motto being “Embracing Diversity”, in 2019 first Greek trademark was created, hosted on the websites of companies and organisations of the Network and highlighting the inclusive disposition of its members.


«The project “Equality Works” is being implemented under the Active citizens fund program, by Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity.
The Active citizens fund in Greece is supported through a € 12m grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021. The program aims to develop the sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector in Greece, and to strengthen its role in promoting and safeguarding democratic procedures, active citizenship and human rights. The Fund Operator for the Active citizens fund in Greece is Bodossaki Foundation in consortium with SolidarityNow.
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